A little memory •

Chicken pox.

So my little one, you have caught the chicken pox. & you are a spotty dotty little girl! I’m not going to lie, it’s absolutely breaking my heart seeing you like this, BUT I am so thankful you’ve got it at such a young age. You are doing great, & it amazes me how you can still be so adorably cute even when you are poorly & suffering. You hate to look at them, & even though the sun is shining, we are wearing long sleeves, & trousers to cover them up! We are even having to wear socks to bed! You are adamant. Almost as adamant as not wanting any cream! You say “no!” “Tickles!” And literally run away before I can catch you! So we’ve been having bath after bath with special oats to try & help these spots out! You ask for everyone to kiss them better, you tell us they hurt, you tell us you want them gone and you tell us you are sad. I cannot wait for them to be gone for you, watching you scratch away in your sleep, so restless and helpless makes me feel so sad. But baby girl, they will be gone before you know it – & we can then break free from this quarantine & go continue our adventures!

Love you little one,

mama x


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